Q. デザイナーをどのようにチームに巻き込むか

English: How can designers be rolled into the team?


I don’t know what you should do, but my first Scrum team had a full-time UX/UI expert in the team room. In our case he did not write code, but he sat with us as we wrote the code. He learned what things were easy vs. hard to implement in the technologies we were using. He was also more involved than the other team members in Product Backlog Refinement. If we had multiple teams, I’d want the people concerned with UX on different teams to work together frequently.

Here is another example of a designer working closely with the development team and users. https://vimeo.com/189209951

Q. チーム間のコミュニケーションコストを下げるには?

English: How to decrease communication cost between teams?


This is a very common problem and I don’t know the answer for all situations. I would probably ask more questions about what’s making it hard for teams to communicate with each other now. In two places I recently observed, teams believed it was someone else’s job because they still had specialized roles for this.

There are also some multi-team communication patterns that may be useful. 面倒なスクラム・オブ・スクラムに取って替わる7つの方法

Q. 一つのプロダクトをマイクロサービス化して複数に分割し、それに紐づく複数チームをLeSSで運用することは現実的なのでしょうか?

English: When taking a single product and splitting it into multiple microservices (and teams), is it realistic to use LeSS to handle this?


The short answer is yes. But I’m skeptical whether splitting a large product into multiple microservices is a great idea.

This is discussed further in these articles: